Guru Purnima 2010

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Guru Purnima Program, Penukonda, July, 2010
Wirebinding of 115 pages

The Immortal Relationship: Master & Student

“Once you have the divine power with you, in you, yes, you can create. You will create some wisdom in the planet.” (Sri Kaleshwar)

This Guru Purnima program transcript is rich with talks by Sri Kaleshwar and talks by five of his senior students on many topics including: human and spiritual moral values, how to fix the bridge between the East and the West, the master-student relationship, bimba-pratibimba, illusions, creating protection circles, the importance of decharging, the pyramids, power objects, and samadhis.

“Start the day with positive. Lead the day with positive. End the day with positive. Sleep the night with positive. Wake up with positive. Every person has good qualities and negative qualities. Try to always take the positive then your life will be positive. If you keep going on the negative your life will turn as a negative.” (Sri Kaleshwar)

Many profound experiences were shared and captured in this transcript, of the divine energy and the Guru Parampara at work in student lives. Through the grace of the immortal relationship between master & student, the truth that all are deeply and equally loved, shines through.

“If you really can catch the big boss feet, Baba feet, “Hey, man, I don’t know what you do…I’m your kid, forgive me…bless me, I’ll walk in your presence with your footsteps.” Leave it. Leave it. He’ll take care. 100% he’ll take care. That much strong powerful avadut.” (Sri Kaleshwar)

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