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The music of Shiva Sai Mandir Music opens the heart and heals the soul. Deeply connected to the Divine Lineage of Sri Kaleshwar we are carrying the  message of love and power to the world. 


"Candles are different. The light is the same." Sri Kaleshwar


Tracks of Selections Vol. 1:

1. Guru Mantra - „Sri Kaleshwar Mahasamadhi“ 2012, 1:53
2. Gajanana - Lucia, „Sai Sundaram“ 2007, 3:46
3. Shirdi Sai - Veemala, „Prem Amrita“ 2011, 5:13
4. Sadguru Priya - Sabeenamayi, „Sai Satyam“ 2008, 5:35
5. Kali Kali - Falk, Live Shiva Ratri 2012 (previously unreleased), 8:12
6. Bolo Bolo - Sankirtanacharia & Sabeenamayi, „Sai Sundaram“ 2007, 3:18
7. Amrutha Linga - Sankirtanacharia, „Sai Satyam“ 2008. 4:47
8. Atma Rama - Christinea Lata, „Sri Kaleshwar Mahasamadhi“ 2012, 7:17
9. Om Sra Nam Bhuum Bhuteshwari - Sankirtanacharia, „Panchabhutas“ 2003, 5:10
10. Jay Prabhu Giridhari - Christina Schmidt, Live Shiva Ratri 2012 (previously unreleased),10:04
11. Krishna Mukunda - Sankirtanacharia, „Prayers From An Open Heart“ 2001, 7:39
12. Dank an den Meister - Sabeenamayi, „Singing Flute“ 2003, 4:32
13. Shirdi Sai Baba Stotram - Nina, „Shirdi Sai Baba Stotram“ 2011, 10:53

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