At Baba's Feet

Inspiring bhajans sung by devotees of Sri Kaleshwar. Recorded at the Shiva Sai Mandir, Penukonda, India


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Invite soul stirring effects through this heart opening vocal journey of Kirtan: sacred devotional bhajans, chants, and mantras charged by the healing holy ground of Southern India and the open-hearted devotees of Sri Sai Kaleshwar.

AT BABA'S FEET takes you on a kirtan journey where you can drink the nectar of the Divine and transform the fabric of your life. Through the ancient Sanskrit seed sounds and holy names, the energetic formula of each bhajan brings a unique angle of the Divine to cleanse and purify, uncover natural abilities, and celebrate the huge leaps in consciousness that are available for all of us at this time.

These singers are devotees of Sri Kaleshwar. This recording was made at the Shiva Sai Mandir in Penukonda, India. The tracks were recorded during the first year of Swami Kaleshwar’s Soul University. About 108 people from all over the world came to learn The Ancient Knowledge together.

This collection of bhajans reflects the music sung every night in the Shirdi Baba Temple. The lead singers were chosen by Swami and the bhajan choir contains some of the many devoted singers who also led chants during those evenings at the feet of Baba.



1. Guru Mantra

2. Gajanana

3. Jaya Ma 

4. Swagatam Krishna 

5. Ganga Jatadhara

6. Shirdi Sai

7. Om Mama

8. Antara Jyoti Namo

9. Om Nama Shivaya


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