Raksha Bandhana

Yellow Protection String


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Excerpt from "Sai Shakti" Healing Book, Chapter 20, Raksha Bandhana Protection Strings:


Nowadays it’s very important to use Protection Strings for yourself and before starting any healings or working with the public in any way. On the outside, people seem to be happy, but inside they are not. In their feelings, their heart, they are sad, jealous, or uncomfortable. When they are thinking about a person with that type of energy, it’s automatically flowing on that person.

Whenever I am fighting the negativity, that string’s tie is completely protecting me. Whatever negativity is coming, it’s going in this thread.

You can also use this raksha bandhana for protection before giving healings, or for any difficult situation, like talking in front of many people, or taking an examination. Or do it before meeting any negative, black magic person.


Excerpt from "The Real Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ", Chapter 11, 9th JC Channel:


During this 41-day period, if you’re doing your process and you need to be away from your power spot, you need to wear a yellow string on your wrist that came from the ashram specifically for this purpose. This string was put on Baba’s feet to protect you during this situation. You only need to wear that string while you’re chanting the mantra, then remove it following the japa. Put it away in a secure place where you won’t lose it or it won’t get thrown away.

It is advisable to get one of these strings prior to beginning this process if an unforeseen event arises that takes you away from your power spot.



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