Shiva Lingam

Power Object for Meditation and Healing


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Shiva means light or fire and Lingam, pillar or tower. Shivalingam means pillar of light (or fire). The oblong, oval form of the Lingam symbolizes the hidden, unmanifested power of creation of masculine energy. The Shivalingam represents, in its form, the essence of man - his soul. Every Shiva Lingam radiates, unremittingly, both masculine and feminine energy and generates a balancing effect on the body and the spirit.

These Lingams were charged and blessed at Sri Kaleshwar's samadhi.



How to use your Shiva Lingam

If you regularly meditate with a Lingam, it takes and stores the energy. It is a blessing to have with you on your spiritual path. To get the effect of the Lingam, hold it in your hands over your heart or over the Third Eye. The Lingam can absorb unlimited negativity and doesn‘t need to be discharged.


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